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Cheyenne Power Supply Units

Cheyenne Power Supply Units - If you love your Cheyenne tattoo machine, then you won't be disappointed by their top-of-the-line tattoo power supplies! You can even use a Cheyenne power supply with other rotary or regular coil tattoo machines and sample the benefits of Cheyenne tattoo equipment before taking the plunge and buying a Cheyenne tattoo machine.

We offer both the PU 1 and PU 2 Cheyenne power supply units, so you can choose the option that will work best for you and the type of tattoo work you do. The Cheyenne Power Unit 1 has a single port into which you can plug your Cheyenne Hawk, Spirit, Thunder, or other tattoo machine, whereas the PU 2 has two ports. Both Cheyenne power supply units have built-in jump-start Starter Cable Chips, digital displays, fast, simple adjustment levels, and a host of other benefits that make Cheyenne tattoo power supply units a clear winner. Pick a Cheyenne power supply below to start shopping and learn more about these quality products.