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Tattoo Pen Machines

Tattoo pen machines have enjoyed massive popularity in recent years. These pen-like tattoo machines require less dexterity to use than traditional coils and other rotary models. Because they are easier to handle, they provide an easy transition for artists who are accustomed to paintbrushes and pencils. Artists who prefer tattoo pens praise them for their pen-like feel, precision, and control.

What Is A Tattoo Pen?

A tattoo pen machine is essentially a rotary tattoo machine, so it makes less sound and weighs much less than a coil tattoo machine. Its quieter performance and overall lightweight build often gives clients the perception that they are experiencing less pain.

Pen Tattoo Guns and Pain Level

Since pen-style machines house a smaller motor and the needle bar has a smooth, linear movement, the needles penetrate the skin less aggressively than the hard-hitting tap of the coil machine. Artists also tend to experience less pain and more comfort when using a tattoo pen machine because of its ergonomic design. The pen machine is held similarly to how one would hold an actual pen, making it easy to control and less conducive to finger pain or wrist fatigue while tattooing.

Choosing the Best Tattoo Pen Machine

The best pen tattoo machine for you is based on your unique style and preference. When shopping for a tattoo pen machine, you will want to consider factors like adjustable features, stroke length, color, and what grip diameter is most comfortable for you. Many artists favor the Cheyenne Hawk pen and Sol Nova Unlimited pen for their reliability, versatility, and brand reputation. You can find Cheyenne tattoo pens as well as a wide variety of other pen tattoo machines by top machine brands like Peak and FK Irons on PainfulPleasures.

Choosing a Power Supply for Your Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

When choosing a tattoo power supply for your pen machine, you'll want to consider your tattoo pen's voltage range, as well as its recommended maximum voltage. You will also want to consider factors like the size, number of machine inputs, and portability of your power supply.

If you’re choosing a pen machine for its lightweight build and minimal assembly, you may want to keep your whole setup lightweight, portable, and easy to work with. Wireless pen tattoo machines are an efficient solution, because they utilize powerful rechargeable batteries that provide hours of continuous use. Wireless tattoo pens, such as the Hyperion Zabre II and the Spektra Flux + PowerBolt, offer quick, simple adjustments and can be easily charged on-the-go, allowing artists to focus more time on actual tattooing.

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