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Alla Prima Tattoo Ink Sets

Alla Prima Tattoo Ink Sets - Alla Prima Ink is available in a variety of tattoo ink sets that give you more for your money. Alla Prima's sets have also been conveniently arranged in complementary color schemes that you can use for specific types of tattoos. For instance, you might buy an Alla Prima Ink Zombie Set and a Realistic Blood Tattoo Ink Set to create a gruesome, awesomely-gory tattoo of a zombie tearing into someone's flesh.

Choose from a variety of 3-bottle Alla Prima Ink Sets, as well as 25-bottle tattoo ink sets, full ink sets, and Alla Prima's Blackworks black tattoo ink sets. All of Alla Prima's tattoo inks are vegan-friendly, organic, stable pigments that are made in the U.S. from all-natural elements. Alla Prima tattoo ink is free of PET plastic, acrylic and solvents. These are superior stable tattoo inks that every old school tattoo artist is sure to love.

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