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Tattoo Anesthetics & Numbing Products

For many tattoo enthusiasts, enduring the pain associated with tattoos is a badge of honor. But for every pain-embracing enthusiast, there’s a tattoo newcomer (or not-so-new-comer) who’d rather skip the pain if possible. That’s where tattoo anesthetic products come in, helping to provide a more comfortable experience for you or your clients.

Tattoo Anesthetics

Luckily, there are plenty of tattoo anesthetic options for those people who want to get a tattoo but are worried about the pain. While the general anesthesia methods most common in medical and surgical procedures are not used in tattooing, there are a range of effective topical anesthetics that can take the edge off of tattooing pain.

Topical Numbing Solutions for Tattoos

The four most common ingredients found in tattoo anesthetics are lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, and epinephrine. The first three are powerful numbing agents, while epinephrine is a vascular constricting agent that can help reduce bleeding, swelling, and bruising. In addition to these active ingredients, some tattoo anesthetics also incorporate natural ingredients like menthol, tea tree oil, or camphor to provide further comfort and relief during the tattooing process.

Tattoo Anesthetic Creams

A tattoo numbing cream is usually the first step in reducing the pain of getting tattooed. Because the active ingredients take some time to be absorbed by the skin when administered via a cream, clients or artists should apply numbing cream at least 15 - 20 minutes before the session begins. Apply a thick layer over the area to be tattooed, and then either cover it with medical film or gently massage it into the skin for maximum effect. We carry a variety of topical numbing creams designed specifically for use in tattooing and body modification, such as Recovery, Zensa, and Super T.

Tattoo Anesthetic Sprays

Unlike tattoo anesthetic creams, tattoo anesthetic sprays do not have to be rubbed into the skin, and many are most effective when applied to broken skin. For these reasons, tattoo numbing sprays are usually used after the first few passes with the needle. Some numbing sprays can be an excellent addition to an aftercare routine as well. Bactine is one of the most popular and commonly-used anesthetic sprays in tattooing since it also doubles as an antiseptic. We also carry high-quality anesthetic sprays from Ink-Eeze and Vasocaine.

Tattoo Anesthetic Gels

Most of the time, anesthetic tattoo gels are applied in addition to a cream or spray in order to boost their effects during the tattoo procedure, but they can be used as independent topical anesthetics as well. Just like with creams and sprays, it takes at least 15 minutes for the skin to absorb the active ingredients in an anesthetic tattoo gel. We carry some of the most popular and trusted anesthetic tattoo gels on the market, including Ink-Eeze, Tattoo Soothe, and Blue Gel.

Where to Buy Tattoo Numbing Cream for Skin

Whether you’re buying tattoo numbing cream for yourself or stocking up on tattoo numbing products for your clients, Painful Pleasures offers every method of topical tattoo anesthetics available from the industry’s most trusted brands. Shop this page to find the tattoo numbing creams, sprays, and gels that are best for you or your clients.