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BioTouch Micro Pigment Permanent Makeup

BioTouch Micro Pigment Permanent Makeup - Our BioTouch Micro pigments come in your choice of 16 different colors. Each pigment comes in a 1/2 oz. bottle, so you won't have to worry about your BioTouch Micro pigments drying up before you can use a whole bottle. Each bottle of BioTouch Micro pigments is formulated with Iron Oxides to make this cosmetic tattoo ink as safe and effective as possible. The compounds found in each shade of BioTouch Micro pigments allow these cosmetic tattoo inks to be absorbed into the skin more completely, leaving behind true colors that are less likely to fade. BioTouch Micro pigment permanent makeup remains smooth while you work, too, and dries slowly for long-lasting results. As an added bonus, the black BioTouch Micro pigment shades are carbon based, which minimizes the chance of any of the black shades triggering an allergic reaction in your clients.

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