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Peak Tattoo Machines & Supplies

Peak tattoo supplies are designed to help you tattoo at the "peak" of your game.This forward-moving brand is well-known for its selection of rotary tattoo machines and robust tattoo cartridge needles. The Peak tattoo supply line also offers other essential tattooing equipment, such as tattoo foot pedals, tattoo power supplies, and adjustable tattoo grips.

Tattoo artists worldwide rave over Peak’s iconic cartridge needles. Since 2017, Blood, Quartz, and Onyx cartridges have introduced dynamic elements to the tattooing game, like the rubber band mechanism in Blood for even tension, and the unique stabilizer in Quartz for steadiness. These cartridges come in a wide variety of liner, shader, and magnum configurations for artists of all styles and preferences. The Peak tattoo supply line also serves PMU artists with their newer Cerus cartridge needles, which are suitable for both permanent makeup and standard tattooing.

Tattoo artists also recognize Peak rotary tattoo machines for being reliable, diverse, and distinctive. Peak’s tattoo machine selection includes the Kyan, Matrix, and Orion pen-style tattoo machines; the Azur and Ara slider machines; and the Nebula direct drive machine.

Peak also offers technology that bolsters your tattooing experience with progressive items like the Lazur tattoo power supply, the continuous mode wireless foot switch, and the dotwork box for dotwork tattooing. Plus, Peak’s adjustable Natron and Trona grips, compatible with Peak cartridge needles and most other brands, allow you to conveniently adjust needle depth with a unique click system. Durable, ergonomically designed aluminum tattoo grips are also available for Peak pen-style tattoo machines in matching color varieties. This technology encourages artists of all styles to step up their game with efficiency, style, and comfort.

In addition to state-of-the-art technology, this brand offers Peak-certified replacement machine parts and accessories. You’ll find essentials such as O-rings, springs, drive bars, drive bar nubs, and RCA cords. You’ll also find spare parts specific to certain Peak tattoo machines, including vice screws, replacement motors, and more.

You’ll always know you’re tattooing with a Peak product by the logo, which is an upward-pointing arrow, symbolizing ascension in your tattooing journey. The logo is present on all Peak tattoo machines and equipment, as well as all of Peak's unique merch, including Blood, Quartz, and Onyx t-shirts. You can also promote your Instagram presence alongside the Peak logo on one of Peak’s custom banners.

With its recognizable look and forward-minded mentality, Peak continues to expand their selection of tattoo supplies and technology. Shop now and build your own Peak tattoo supply with the full line of Peak tools and equipment today.