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Blaq Paq Traveler Globe Edition — Travel Tattoo Pack with Two Slotted Cases

Travel in style with the latest and most innovative addition to Sullen’s line of traveling bags. Designed over the course of two years in collaboration with tattoo artists, this premium tattoo travel bag offers maximum convenience and utility.

What makes the Globe Edition Blaq Paq Traveler better than other travel bags on the market? Made from heavy duty, water- resistant 600dp vinyl-coated ripstop material, this travel case is especially durable in inclement weather; it also has a backside wax coating to keep from wear and tear.

This Blaq Paq travel case has a skeletal construction and is specially designed for smooth travel. It features thin, sleek edges for quick travel storage, skate-style wheels for effortless mobility, and feet at the bottom that double as a handle for easy carrying. The bag also comes with a three-stage lockable handle that is stored in the bag’s shell for easy access.

The Blaq Paq Traveler has four main compartments. The main compartment, called the “lifestyle compartment,” features lockable netting. The second compartment, situated at the top of the bag, is netted to protect certain items like hats or shoes from contacting other items in the main compartment. The third compartment features zipper-closed gusseted bags for your bottles, loose cables, and machines. Lastly, the Blaq Paq Globe edition features an all-new interior compartment. Protected by the other compartments, this “hidden” fortified interior section holds the two 9” x 13” plastic modular cases that are included for machines, transfer paper, and other equipment.

Other features of this bag include a keychain lock, double-lock utility zippers, and weight-tested straps and handles for added durability. The Sullen logo is embroidered on the travel bag’s front.

All Sullen bags come with a one-year guarantee.

  • Dimensions: 22” x 17” x 8”
  • Water-resistant, heavy duty fabric; 600dp vinyl-coated rip stop material
  • Back side wax coating prevents common wear and tear
  • Weight-tested handles and straps for durability
  • Main “lifestyle” compartment has lockable netting
  • Second compartment with protective netting for safe storage
  • Third compartment with padded and zipper-closed gusseted bags
  • Fortified interior compartment with plastic modular cases
  • Front zipper-close pockets
  • Top flush slit zipper-close pocket
  • Thin, sleek outer compartments for easy travel storage
  • Comes with three-stage lockable retractable handle
  • Skate-style wheels for effortless mobility
  • Bottom feet double as a handle for easy picking up and putting down
  • Comes with keychain hook
  • One year guarantee
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