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Studio Furniture

There’s a lot more to building out your body modification studio than getting a space and calling it a business. In order to make your tattoo, piercing, or permanent makeup studio as comfortable, functional, and inviting as possible for you and your clients, it’s important to equip it with all of the studio supplies you need, such as display cases and shelves, storage bins and containers for tools and miscellaneous supplies, and safe disposal containers for sharps and used medical disposables. 

Furnishing your studio

In addition to those studio supplies, you’ll also need furniture for the space. In general, studios require furniture for two primary spaces: the waiting area and the working area. Waiting area furniture includes your display cases and shelves, as well as chairs, sofas, and tables for clients to use while they’re waiting in the shop. 

When purchasing furniture for the waiting area, try to keep in mind the overall aesthetic of your business and brand, as well as the expectations of your clients. While a worn-down leather lounge chair and weathered coffee table might be perfect for a grunge-inspired tattoo and piercing studio, they would likely feel out of place and off-putting to clients expecting the high fashion sense of a full-service PMU experience.

Piercing, PMU, and tattoo furniture

Even more important than your waiting area furniture, however, is your workspace furniture. Here, you’ll want to purchase furniture designed and manufactured specifically for use in body modification like proprietary furniture from Fellowship. Although tattoo furniture carries a slightly higher price tag than standard furniture, it’s worth the cost for its functionality, comfort, and professional appearance. 

Your tattoo, piercing, or PMU workstation should be equipped with functional furniture for both you and for the client. As an artist, an ergonomic and adjustable stool or chair provides you with a comfortable base to work from, whether it’s for a few minutes or a few hours. The most definitive piece of piercing, PMU, and tattoo furniture, however, is the client tattoo chair. An adjustable tattoo chair provides the client with comfortable support for whatever region of the body you might be working on. A high-quality tattoo chair will help your customers feel comfortable and at ease, even if they’re sitting in it for hours during a long session.

In addition to seating for you and the client, your workspace should also be equipped with a workstation that holds and organizes all of the tools and supplies you’ll need to use, as well as any shelves, surfaces, and lighting you need in order to keep yourself organized and efficient while working. Many artists use an adjustable floor lamp or table lamp to provide clear and focused lighting over the area they’re working on. 

To outfit your shop at some of the best prices you’ll find online, browse our entire selection of piercing, PMU, and tattoo furniture.