Piercing Medical Supplies

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Piercing Medical Supplies

Piercing Medical Supplies

Proper hygiene is vital for any piercing operation to prevent health risks for customers and piercers alike. The right piercing medical supplies reduce the risk of bloodborne disease transmission, while masks and other disposable medical equipment help prevent the spread of airborne disease. The following medical supplies are essential for clean, safe piercings.

General Cleaners

A clean piercing room starts with regular use of general cleaners and disinfectants. Surface disinfectant spray keeps surfaces clean and germ-free, while automatic soap dispensers and medical-grade wipes help maintain personal hygiene.

Piercing Medical Supplies

Your piercing supplies form the basis of your business, and should be of the highest quality. Painful Pleasures offers a full line of piercing products, including surgical skin markers, slotted forceps, iris scissors, bamboo toothpicks, and septum piercing forceps.

Piercing companies that provide scarification services need a steady supply of scalpels, including replaceable surgical steel scalpel blades and rustless steel scalpel handles

Piercing Site Prep Products

Skin cleansers prepare the skin for piercing while reducing the risk of skin infections. Stock your shop with an assortment of alcohol wipes, antiseptic spray , hand sanitizers, povidone-iodine swabsticks , and pure-castile soaps to ensure your customers get the best and safest piercings possible. An assortment of aftercare soap and post-piercing antiseptic sprays help your customers care for their piercings during the healing process.

Sterilization Supplies

Your piercing tools, needles, dermal punches, scalpels, and forceps all need regular care and cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners and autoclaves ensure all equipment is properly sterilized between uses. Painful Pleasures provides all the equipment needed for equipment sterilization, including sterilization autoclave pouches, self-sealing pouches, and desk-type heat sealers, as well as ultrasonic cleaning powder, germicide, and bath monitors.

Personal Protective Equipment

Your personal safety is just as important as that of your customers. With that in mind we offer a range of medical gloves, including latex and nitrile gloves. Disposable face shields and face masks reduce the risk of contact with blood or airborne disease, especially in a world where social distancing has become the norm. 

Proper disposal of needles and other medical supplies protects you from contact with potentially hazardous materials. Sharps containers and biohazard bags should be part of any piercing store’s medical safety equipment.

Remember to visit Painful Pleasures for one of the world’s largest selections of piercing medical supplies at some of the best prices you can find online.