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Piercing Aftercare Products

To keep your new ear piercing looking and feeling great, and to minimize the risk of infection, proper ear piercing aftercare is essential for the duration of the healing process. We carry all the best piercing aftercare supplies you need at the best prices you will find online. The most basic and essential aftercare product is sea salt solution (SSS) for daily soaks and rinses, and we carry affordable ready-made SSS options from Recovery and Blue Wave. If you’d like to save a little money in the long run, you can make your own SSS at home using distilled water and Recovery Sea Salt. Of course, sometimes a new piercing gets dry, itchy, or irritated and needs a little extra care. In that case add a couple drops of Recovery Tea Tree Oil or Recovery Jojoba Oil to a batch of homemade SSS for an additional, all-natural antiseptic and moisturizer. Although SSS soaks and cleanses are generally sufficient to keep your new piercing in good shape, there are some cases in which you might need some extra strength aftercare. If you’re concerned your ear piercing might be infected, if you’re experiencing hypergranulation, or if your piercer otherwise recommends using soap in addition to your normal aftercare routine, we also carry piercing-safe aftercare soap from Tattoo Goo or Recoveryand antiseptic piercingaftercare to supplement your daily SSS soaks.