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Piercing Aftercare Products

Piercing Aftercare Cleaning Solutions & Products

As every piercer knows, good piercing aftercare is absolutely essential to ensure the health, appearance, and longevity of any body piercing. Without it, a new piercing could become infected or cause many other problems. To ensure your clients are practicing good piercing aftercare when you send them home, you should carry all of the piercing aftercare supplies and cleaning solutions they need.

Piercing Aftercare Basics

Your piercer will provide detailed aftercare instructions for your specific piercing, but general piercing aftercare can be boiled down to four major rules:

  1. Keep the piercing clean. Always wash your hands before handling or cleaning your jewelry and piercing, and follow your piercer’s cleaning instructions. Between cleanings, make sure the piercing stays as dry as possible.
  2. Don’t move or play with the piercing unnecessarily. This could damage the tissue in and around your piercing, lengthening your healing time. It is not necessary to rotate your jewelry during cleaning.
  3. Don’t change jewelry until fully healed. Even if it looks fully healed, remember that piercings heal from the outside in—the parts you can’t see will be the last to heal.
  4. Tell your piercer about any problems immediately. Some light bleeding or crusting around the piercing is probably normal, but if you notice any painful swelling, bad odors, or discolorations, contact your piercer immediately.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you should avoid most major complications and ensure that your new piercing heals as quickly and fully as possible. Healing time varies depending on the type of piercing and how well you follow your aftercare routine. Basic earlobe piercings generally heal in 4-6 weeks, but for most other piercings you should expect at least two months of aftercare and healing.

Essential Piercing Aftercare Supplies & Cleaning Solutions

The most fundamental piercing aftercare cleaning solution is sea salt solution (SSS). SSS should be used to soak and clean the piercing site at least twice per day for the duration of the healing process. Recovery aftercare offers affordable SSS that is great for most piercings and is available in a variety of sizes, either individually or in bulk. For oral piercings such as lip, tongue, or cheek piercings, however, you should use a dedicated oral piercing rinse such as Biotene. We also carry piercing-safe aftercare soap and aftercare kits from Tattoo Goo.

Occasionally, new piercings can become dry, itchy, or irritated. In that case, you can add a couple drops of Recovery jojoba oil or Recovery tea tree oil to your SSS for an additional all-natural antiseptic moisturizer. Be careful, however, since too much of them can further dry out the skin around the piercing.

Where to Buy Piercing Cleansers & Solutions

For more detailed piercing aftercare information, check out our comprehensive piercing aftercare blog. If you’re looking for aftercare information about specific types of piercings, we also have blogs covering ear piercing aftercare, nipple piercing aftercare, belly button piercing aftercare, and oral piercing aftercare. Shop PainfulPleasures for all the piercing aftercare cleaning products and solutions for all piercing types.