Perma Blend Evenflo Brow Set — 5 1/2oz Bottles

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Weight 0.3659
Brand Perma Blend
Material Pigment

5 Color 1/2oz Ink Set for Brow Cosmetic Tattooing by Perma Blend

Perma Blend offers reliable permanent makeup pigments that are high-density, vegan-friendly, and high-quality. Artists can rest assured Perma Blend pigments are also varied and long-lasting.

Lulu Siciliano developed the entire line of Evenflo pigments, created for the most natural-looking results and fluid consistency. Evenflo pigments have the world’s first machine-optimized formula, allowing for maximum flow and better pigment retention. The Evenflo Brow Set is designed specifically for brow tattooing. This listing is for the 1/2oz Evenflo Brow Set, which includes 5 pigments; see below for all the colors included in this set.


  • Size: 1/2oz
  • Designed specifically for brow tattooing
  • Evenflo colors with world’s first machine-optimized formula
  • Ultra-fine particles allow for the most fluid consistency
  • Ideal pigment retention and fluidity
  • CPNP registered and EU-compliant
  • Certified as a vegan-friendly product
  • Sterilized and for professional use only
  • Manufactured in the USA by Perma Blend; created by Lulu Siciliano
  • Price per one set of 5 bottles

Set Colors:

Almond, Hazel, Mocha, Oak, Terra


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