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Kwadron Tattoo Needles

Founded over a decade ago in Poland, Kwadron has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality tattoo needles in the world. Kwadron needles are renowned for their precision, convenience, and quality, making them an ideal choice for any tattoo or PMU artist. 

Kwadron specializes in cartridge needles, which they offer in dozens of sizes, styles, medium and long tapers, and groupings to perfectly match your artistic style and needs. Kwadron cartridges feature a specialized stabilization system and ink membrane to prevent backflow, providing optimal consistency and control whether you’re using standard or magnum configurations. For added stability, the Kwadron Sublime Cartridges are designed so that the needles lie flat against the base of the cartridge, eliminating the possibility of the needles twisting or bending during the tattoo process.

Kwadron also provides Optima PMU cartridges, offering the same consistency, quality, and control that have made them famous in the tattoo community to permanent makeup artists. And while they may specialize in cartridge needles, Kwadron also manufactures high-quality traditional needles for those artists who prefer them. Whether you’re using standard needles or Kwadron cartridges, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get precision, quality, and control.

Kwadron Tattoo Machines

In addition to industry-leading tattoo needles, Kwadron also manufactures high-performance rotary tattoo machines such as the Proton Rotary Pen, Equaliser Spike, and the Mikron PMU Machine. Kwadron tattoo machines offer the same quality and precision manufacturing that made their needles famous and are a perfect match for all of your favorite Kwadron cartridges.

Kwadron Pen Tattoo Machines

The Proton Rotary Pen is Kwadron’s most popular pen machine and delivers the quality you expect from Kwadron at a surprisingly affordable price. The Proton Enduro Rotary Pen lives up to its name, making it easy to endure evening the longest tattoo sessions without cramping and fatigue thanks to its lightweight, low center of gravity, and contoured 1” grip. Another lightweight model, the Drop Pen is one of the most compact pen machines on the market, and its small size and diameter make it ergonomically ideal. Finally, for artists who prefer the comfort or convenience of grips, the Mikron Rotary Tattoo Machine is compatible with both adjustable and disposable grips.