Ink Machines Scorpion X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine with 30mm Grip — Evil Black

Evil Black • Rotary Tattoo Machine
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Brand Ink Machines

Scorpion X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine for Neo Cartridges or Regular Cartridges in Evil Black by Ink Machines — Comes with 30mm Grip

Ink Machines Sweden is committed to offering the machines that encourage quality artists to produce quality work. This Scorpion tattoo machine is kinetically designed to permit fast ink saturation with minimal damage done to your client’s skin. This machine features a non-contact magnetic needle drive, upgraded cross-contamination control, and vibration control for comfortable procedures.

This listing is for the Ink Machines Scorpion X2 in Evil Black. It comes equipped with a 30mm aluminum grip, a white standard drive magnet, a strong red drive magnet, a Torx T6 key, a needle stand (able to hold up to 4 needles), and oil for lubrication. The machine is used with Scorpion grips, neo cartridges, and regular cartridges. Neo cartridge needles, which are magnetically fixed to the machine, allow for optimally smooth and hygienic tattooing.


  • Color: Evil Black
  • Machine Weight: 107g
  • Stroke length: 4mm
  • Input voltage: 0–12v DC; works with regular power supplies
  • Able to push needles up to 27mag
  • RPM: 0–8 000 rpm/min
  • Stitches/sec: 0–130/sec
  • Use with Neo cartridges and regular cartridges
  • Low vibration for comfortable procedures
  • Non-contact magnetic needle drive
  • Equipped with standard white magnet
  • Comes with strong red magnet; ideal for tough skin (can be used for needle inspection)
  • Magnetic fixation secures needles
  • RCA or clip cord connection
  • Specifically compatible with Scorpion grips and Neo-cartridge tattoo needles
  • Comes with Scorpion Rotary Machine Conversion Kit No. 110 and Precision Tool Kit No. 90
  • Made in Sweden

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Scorpion Spec Sheet PDF

Scorpion User Manual PDF

Scorpion Declaration of Conformity PDF

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