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FK Irons

Founded in 2007 by design engineer and tattoo artist Gaston Siciliano, FK Irons is dedicated to advancing the art and craft of tattooing by developing some of the most innovative and technologically advanced tattoo machines on the market. For many artists, the sleek, futuristic aesthetic of FK Irons tattoo machines provides strong initial appeal, but the true value of the FK Irons family of tattoo machines is in their flexibility, convenience, and powerful features. 

FK Irons Tattoo Machines

FK Irons is most renowned for its innovative pen-style rotary tattoo machines, which have consistently pushed the boundaries of tattooing technology. The EXO and Spektra Flux models are the most recent additions to the FK Irons family, providing wireless functionality and on-the-fly voltage adjustments with the revolutionary Powerbolt battery system. The Spektra Xion is the world’s first pen-style tattoo machine that allows for needle strike adjustments with a simple Give Knob, enabling artists to focus more on their vision and less on their setup. The Xion S offers PMU artists unparalleled control on the fine details of permanent makeup applications. And for added personalization, all FK Irons machines come in a range of colors, finishes, and patterns to complement the aesthetic of individual tattoo or PMU artists and their shops. 

If you’re an artist who prefers traditional needles to cartridge needles, or who wants the flexibility to switch between needle styles on the same machine, FK Irons has tattoo machines to fit your needs. The Spektra Halo2 and Spektra Direkt2 crossover machines feature a floating collet vice system that allows artists to switch quickly between cartridge and traditional needles on the same machine. If you’re a full-fledged traditionalist who only uses coil tattoo machines, the AL13 family of coil machines provides the same design-forward aesthetic edge as FK Irons’ rotary machines, along with lightweight, ergonomic construction for maximum comfort and control. 

FK Irons Tattoo Machine Accessories

In addition to industry-leading tattoo machines, FK Irons also provides high-performance tattoo machine accessories The Darklab Delta Footswitch is built for long-term durability and performance, regardless of what tattoo machine you’re running. The Hover Touchless Tattoo Power Supply offers completely hands-free voltage control throughout the tattooing process; touchless motions above the unit allow you to turn power off and on and adjust voltage, preventing cross contamination.

FK Irons Tattoo Machine Grips

Some of FK Irons’ most popular tattoo machine accessories include their industry-leading grips. The Ergo Adjustable cartridge grips and the Gorilla Click Ergo Grip are adjustable and ergonomically designed to mimic the ease of drawing with a pencil, preventing tendon and muscle pain for the artist. Prefer the ease of disposable grips? You’ll get the same quality without the hassle of autoclaving with FK Irons’ disposable grips, including disposable versions of the Ergo and Gorilla grips in a range of colors, foam grip covers, and 32mm and slim 21mm disposable grips. No matter what machine you tattoo with, FK Irons grips are  compatible with all major cartridge systems and most built-in drive bar machines.

FK Irons Power Supplies

Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt is compatible with all FK Irons machines and offers 10 hours of uninterrupted power from a single charge. Bluetooth compatibility and voice control mean you can adjust voltage hands-free and connect to wireless footswitches, making it even easier to prevent cross contamination as you work.

Lightning Bolt Uni

The Lightning Bolt Uni offers all the same power and features as the original Lightning Bolt but is compatible with all major RCA machines, allowing you to go wireless with your favorite rotary machine.


The Powerbolt Detachable Battery provides 10 hours of power to your Spektra Flux Rotary machine. Like the Lighting Bolt, it’s Bluetooth-enabled for additional features.