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Wholesale Body Jewelry Sale

We carry one of the widest selections of body jewelry you will find anywhere online, and at some of the best prices. Whether you’re looking for one perfect piece or for high-quality wholesale body jewelry to restock your piercing shop, PainfulPleasures has something for you. Here you’ll find all body jewelry currently on sale from our entire online store, including belly button rings, captive bead rings, circular barbells, straight barbells, labret studs, nipple rings, nose rings, and plugs in hundreds of different sizes, styles, designs, and colors.

Affordable, High-Quality Body Jewelry On Sale

While it’s true you can find cheap body jewelry almost anywhere, it’s also true that cheap body jewelry is cheap for a reason: it’s often poorly made, and with substandard materials. That means it’s much more likely to break, become discolored, or cause skin irritation. When you’re shopping for body jewelry, keep in mind that you’re shopping for something to put inside your body—or your customers’ bodies. While the price point is certainly a factor, safety and quality should be equally important.

Because we carry one of the largest selections of body jewelry you’ll find online, we’re able to purchase from trusted, high-quality manufacturers at low wholesale prices and pass the savings on to you. That means when you shop with PainfulPleasures, you can be sure you’re getting safe, high-quality body jewelry, regardless of the price point. For shop owners, buying bulk body jewelry on sale from

PainfulPleasures means you can keep a large stock of inventory without breaking your budget, while also offering your own customers the cheap, high-quality body jewelry they’re looking for.

We frequently update our sale items in order to clear the shelves for even more new and exciting inventory in our store, so check back often. For even greater value, check out the offerings on our buy-one-get-one sale page, where you’ll find hundreds of other pieces of body jewelry from across our online store.

And remember to shop PainfulPleasures for all your other piercing supply needs, including piercing needles, piercing tools, piercing medical supplies, piercing anesthetics, anodizing machines, and piercing aftercare products.