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Titanium Straight Barbells

Titanium Straight Barbells - Our titanium straight barbells are made from pure elements rather than base metal coated with titanium. That means that you'll never have to worry about these titanium barbells chipping and exposing your piercings to lesser-quality metals as you might with some of our competitors' coated titanium straight barbells. Since titanium is the most inert metal, it's an ideal material for those with metal sensitivities.

You can wear our titanium straight barbells in nipple piercings, tongue piercings, industrial piercings, frenum piercings, and more. Choose from plain solid titanium straight barbells, titanium industrial barbells in unique designs, titanium nipple rings with and without shields and dangles, and other unique titanium straight barbell options. Once you've made your selections, add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each titanium straight barbell you want us to autoclave for you before shipping your order to you.