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Nipple Rings

If you're looking for a more traditional nipple ring, then you're sure to find the perfect nipple piercing jewelry here amongst our selection of captive rings, segment rings, and seamless rings. 

Types of Traditional Nipple Rings

Though barbell-style nipple rings are also popular; nipple ring hoops are still the style that comes to mind when most people picture nipple rings. These “circle nipple rings” remain one of the most popular styles of nipple jewelry. To get the nipple hoop look, you can opt for one of these three types of rings:

Captive Nipple Rings

A captive ring traditionally includes a bead or other small charm that pops in and out. You’ll remove the bead, insert the ring into your piercing, and then complete the ring by popping the bead or charm back into place. 

Segment Nipple Rings

Segment rings work similarly to captive bead rings, but instead of a bead, you’ll remove a small segment of the ring before inserting it in your nipple piercing and then pop the segment back into place to complete the ring.

Seamless Nipple Rings

Seamless rings differ from captive and segment rings because they don't fully connect. Usually, they're flexible enough that you can bend them slightly to create a space large enough to insert the ring. Once you have it in place, simply bend the ring back together and squeeze gently to close the gap. 

Nipple Ring FAQs

Need more info before you choose the right nipple ring for you? These are some of the most common questions we get about nipple rings. 

How to Put on a Captive Nipple Ring / How to Remove a Nipple Piercing Ball

First, make sure that your piercing is fully healed. Nipple piercings can be slow to heal, and captive nipple rings –also known as captive bead rings or CBRs –  aren’t the best choice for fresh piercings as they create significant downward pressure on the fistula. If you’re sure that your piercings are fully healing, installing and removing captive nipple rings is fairly simple if you have the right tools on hand. See our guide, How to Change Captive Bead Rings, for step-by-step instructions.

When Can You Change Nipple Rings?

Nipple piercings can take up to six months to fully heal. It’s best to leave your original jewelry in place until you’re sure the piercings have healed completely. Our complete Nipple Piercing Guide covers the healing process and offers tips for changing jewelry in healed nipple piercings.

What Gauge are Traditional Nipple Rings?

The most common gauge for nipple piercings is 14g, though 16g is fairly common as well. Reach out to your piercer if you aren’t sure which size they used for your nipple piercings.

Whichever style or size you choose, you're sure to find the perfect nipple ring designs here in our Captive, Segment, & Seamless Nipple Rings section! For more tips on choosing the right nipple rings for you, see our guide to Choosing the Best Nipple Jewelry