Nose Rings & Piercing Jewelry

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Nose Rings & Piercing Jewelry

Nose Rings & Nose Piercing Jewelry

We offer a broad selection of nose piercing jewelry that includes nose bones, nostril screws, hoop nose rings, fishtail nose rings, gold nose rings, and more.

Choosing the Right Nose Piercing Jewelry for You

There are three popular styles of nostril piercing jewelry, which include the nose screws, nose bones and fishtail nose rings you'll find in abundance here in our Nose Rings section. Nose screws have a pre-bent end that you screw into your nostril piercing until the decorative top rests against your nostril. Nose bones are straight pins with slightly bulbous bottoms that are small enough to fit through your nostril piercing but large enough to hold your jewelry in place. Fishtail nose rings are long, straight pieces of nose piercing jewelry that can be bent to perfectly fit your nose. Read our How to Bend a Fishtail into a Nose Screw article to learn how to turn our fishtail nose piercing jewelry into custom-fit nose rings.

Nose Jewelry Types: Nose Rings vs. Nose Studs

Hoop nose rings are also very popular and come in a range of styles, including segment nose rings, seamless hoop nose rings and other styles of captive rings for nostril piercings. Shop for 20g-16g seamless and segment hoop nose rings here, or visit our Captive Rings section to see our entire selection of hoops in every size and style we offer. If you opt for a new hoop nose ring, the key is to get one with a smaller diameter so the ring will fit your nostril closely for an attractive look.

Many piercers now use labret studs as starter nostril piercing jewelry. If you're interested in purchasing a labret stud to wear as a nose ring, visit our Labret Jewelry section. You may also want to purchase a threaded taper to make it easier to insert a labret stud in your nostril piercing by yourself.

To learn more about the different styles of nose piercing jewelry available and figure out which style is best for you, check out our Nose Jewelry articles in our Community Center.