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Septum Tusks & Bent Barbells

Septum Tusks & Bent Barbells - If you're looking for larger-gauge septum tusks or bent barbells for your septum piercing, you'll find a great assortment here in our Septum Tusks & Bent Barbells section. Shop for glass septum tusks, straight barbells with tusk ends, gold, steel and titanium bent barbells, banana barbells with push pin ends, and a variety of unique replacement ends for your septum piercing bent barbells. If you're interested exclusively in tribal style septum jewelry, check out our Tribal Jewelry for Septum Piercings section instead. To see our full selection of septum pinchers, visit our Pinchers & Horseshoe Septum Rings section.

If you'd like us to autoclave your new septum tusks or bent barbells for septum piercings, just add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each septum tusk or curved barbell you purchase. We'll autoclave your new jewelry for you and send it to you in sealed bags.