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Bone, Silver & Stone Tunnels

Bone, Silver & Stone Tunnels - Our Elementals Organics tunnels collection includes a variety of stone tunnels, sterling silver tunnels and bone tunnels. Shop for agate, aventurine and other organic stone tunnels in beautiful colors, plain bone tunnels, organic horn tunnels inlaid with crushed bone in unique designs, .925 sterling silver tunnels with intricately-carved caps, and a variety of other bone, silver and stone organic tunnels.

Tip: Wipe down your bone, silver and stone tunnels with a damp cloth every week or so, depending on how often you wear them. If you're getting ready to stretch to a new size, consider using the gentler tape method, where you wrap your organic tunnels with a layer of stretching tape every week until you've gradually stretched a full size. You should also massage a small amount of emu oil into the skin around your piercing(s) twice a day for a week leading up to a stretch. Doing so will enhance your skin's natural elasticity and minimize the chances of the stretching process causing microscopic tears in your skin that could make you susceptible to infection.