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Surgical Steel Tunnels

Surgical Steel Tunnels - We offer a variety of unique surgical steel tunnels for stretched ears and other stretched piercings. Choose from stainless steel tunnels that have centers laser cut into shapes like hearts and stars, double and single flare steel tunnels, hollow surgical steel tunnels with caps cut out in cool designs, threaded steel tunnels, and many other surgical steel tunnel options. No matter what gauge you need, you're sure to find the most unique stainless steel tunnels in the size you need at the best possible price here.

Tip: Clean your surgical steel tunnels at home with a damp cloth as needed, and then buff them to a high shine with a polishing cloth. If you're getting ready to stretch a piercing, consider using the gentler tape method. Just wrap your stainless steel tunnels with a single layer of stretching tape every week or so until you've gradually stretched up to the next full size. You should also massage a small amount of emu oil into the skin around your piercing(s) twice a day for a week leading up to a stretch. The emu oil will enhance your skin's natural elasticity and minimize the chances of the stretching process creating microscopic tears that could make you susceptible to infection.