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Large Gauge Earrings

Large Gauge Earrings - If you're earlobes are stretched and you want to wear earrings for a change of pace from your usual plugs or tunnels, you'll love our large gauge earrings! We offer a diverse assortment of organic ear hangers, spirals, large-gauge captive rings and circular barbells, small plugs with golden hoop earrings threaded through them, and other large gauge earrings made from a variety of materials, like glass, silver, niobium, bone, horn, different kinds of wood, coconut shell, and more.

Please note that some of our large gauge earrings are sold individually and some are sold as pairs. Look closely at the product name and description to see if the large gauge earrings you're interested in purchasing are listed as "price per 1" or "price per 2" before ordering to make sure you add the right quantity to cart. Also note that our organic large gauge earrings may vary slightly in color and size, since they're hand-crafted from all-natural materials. We do our best to match up the two organic earrings that are most alike when you purchase a pair.