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Elementals Organic Wooden Rings - Our Elementals Organics collection of wooden rings includes a variety of unique wood rings hand-crafted by talented Indonesian artisans exclusively for Painful Pleasures. Shop for traditional wood rings with tops carved into hearts, approximation signs and other unique shapes, as well as 3 finger rings crafted entirely from wood or a combination of wood with decorative tops. Some of our decorated 3 finger rings are inlaid with turquoise and others are topped with hand-carved bone designs. Most of our organic wooden rings are crafted from dark, richly-colored sono wood, but we also offer jackfruit, saba wood, crocodile wood, and areng wood 3 finger rings.

The best way to maintain your Elementals organic wooden rings is to periodically wipe them down with a damp cloth. You should also massage a small amount of either jojoba oil or tea tree oil into the wood periodically to maintain its luster and prevent cracking. Never submerge wooden rings in water, as doing so may cause the wood to swell and distort. Remove your wooden rings before washing your hands and bathing to avoid that issue. If any of your wood rings ever becomes over-saturated, pat it dry and allow it to air dry fully before attempting to wear it again.