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Walrus Bone Tunnels

Elementals Walrus Bone Tunnels - Our walrus bone tunnels are hand-crafted from horn with carved walrus bone inserts. The walrus bone used to create this organic jewelry comes from excavated lower jaw walrus bone; no walruses were killed to bring you this beautiful body jewelry. Walrus bone isn't as white as the cow bone used to create much of our other bone jewelry, giving our walrus bone tunnels a unique look. Each of our walrus bone tunnels is handmade in Indonesia by some of the finest jewelry artisans in the world.

To maintain your Elementals organic walrus bone tunnels, periodically wipe them down with a damp cloth. You may also want to pick up some jojoba oil to massage into the horn components of your walrus bone tunnels occasionally; it will help maintain the horn's moisture, prevent cracking, and keep your walrus bone tunnels looking lustrous for many years.