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Walrus Bone Plugs

Elementals Organic Walrus Bone Plugs - The plugs in our Elementals Organics walrus bone plugs collection are hand-crafted from natural horn inset with intricately-carved walrus bone designs. The walrus bone used to create these plugs is harvested from the lower jaws of deceased walruses. No walruses were killed to bring you these unique plugs. Walrus bone isn't as white as the cow bone used to create some of our other bone jewelry, giving our walrus bone plugs an unparalleled look. Each walrus bone plug is handmade in Indonesia by some of the best jewelry artisans in the world.

Note: Since some of our walrus bone plugs are sold individually, be sure to add two to cart if you want a pair for your stretched ears or other stretched piercings when you see "price per 1" in the product description. You can maintain your walrus bone plugs by periodically wiping them down with a damp cloth. You may also want to massage a small amount of jojoba oil into the horn portions of your walrus bone plugs occasionally to keep the horn looking lustrous and prevent cracking.