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Prince Albert Jewelry

Prince Albert Jewelry - Prince Albert wands and Prince Albert rings are popular types of PA piercing jewelry. Many men choose to wear bent barbells or circular barbells as Prince Albert rings, but some guys get more enjoyment from Prince Albert wands. A Prince Albert wand consists of a hollow tube with a threaded cap at the end, like those shown to the left. Typically, a Prince Albert wand will also have a stem that exits through the PA piercing hole on either the top or underside of the penile shaft, depending on whether you have a traditional PA piercing or a reverse Prince Albert piercing. However, some PA wands don't have stems, and they can be used whether or not you have a Prince Albert piercing. The general shape of a traditional PA wand is similar to a policeman's night stick. The threaded cap on the end, which is usually just a ball, can be removed so you can urinate through the hollow tube inserted into the penile shaft without having to remove your Prince Albert jewelry altogether.

PA wands are most popular among men who enjoy urethral play, or sounding. To get a well-fitting Prince Albert wand, it's important to get precise measurements of your penis and urethra both when flaccid and erect. The gauge used to create your PA piercing is also important, as that will dictate the size of the stem(s) on your PA wand.

Generally, the pricing you see for our custom PA wands will include wand shafts up to 7/16" in thickness. The biggest size ball we can make is 3/4" - 1". If you want a PA wand that exceeds these measurements, you'll need to talk to us first. We'll be happy to work with you to create a custom Prince Albert wand that fits you beautifully, but it's important that we discuss the project with you first if you're interested in special sizing options.