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Dermal Piercing Jewelry

Dermal Piercing Jewelry & Dermal Tools - A dermal piercing is a single-point piercing, which means that it results in only one visible decorative end, called a dermal top. The other end is a dermal anchor embedded below the surface of the skin. Dermal anchors with small round bases are often called "skin divers", while those with oblong (footed) bases are referred to as "microdermal anchors", "surface anchors", and "transdermal anchors".

You can be very creative with the placement of micro dermal piercings. Place a single jeweled dermal in a Third Eye position, add a sparkly gem or two in complementary spots on a tattoo (e.g. dots on a butterfly, eyes on an animal, etc.), add a gem to a finger or toe, trace the curve of your hip or neck with a row of dermals, add a teardrop dermal top below the corner of your eye, or place a dermal piercing anywhere else on your body where a dermal anchor will fit.

No invasive procedure is required to implant a dermal anchor. A professional piercer can insert one for you by making a small hole with a dermal punch, inserting a dermal anchor, and topping it with a decorative dermal top of your choice. Start shopping for dermal jewelry below, or read our Everything You Need to Know About Dermal Piercings article to learn more about dermal piercings, how they're done, the best way to care for a new dermal piercing, what types of dermal jewelry are available, and more about dermal piercings.