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Dermal Piercing Jewelry

Dermal Jewelry

Turn your body into a glittering canvas with versatile and durable dermal jewelry. A dermal piercing is a single-point piercing that results in one visible decorative end, called a dermal top.

Unleash your creativity with the placement of microdermal jewelry. Add a sparkly gem or two to complement spots on a tattoo, add a gem to a finger or toe, or trace the natural curve of your body with a row of dermals. Unlock the possibilities with high-quality and unique dermal piercing jewelry from PainfulPleasures.

Popular Types of Dermal Piercings

You can rock eye-catching, stylish dermal piercing jewelry nearly anywhere on your body. Here are the most popular locations for dermals.

Face Dermal Piercing

A dermal piercing on your face can be positioned along your eyebrow, on your nose, or even on your cheek. Consider a teardrop dermal piercing under the corner of your eye for a signature look.

Finger Dermal Piercing

Accessorize in style when you get one or multiple dermal piercings along your fingers or toes. Keep them in a straight line or a gentle curve to match tattoos and other piercings.

Dermal Belly Button Piercing

Add a dermal piercing on your chest or around your belly button to create intricate designs with your belly button rings and other body jewelry.

Hip Dermal Piercing

Get a dermal stud on your hip to outline the curves of your waist or to frame other exciting tattoos and piercings around your navel.

Throat Dermal Piercing

When scheduling a dermal throat piercing, talk to your piercer to ensure they have experience piercing this sensitive area.

Dermal Sternum Piercing

Choose a single-point sternum piercing or create shapes like crosses, x’s, or hearts with multiple sternum dermal piercings.

How Are Microdermal Piercings Done?

A professional piercer can implant a dermal anchor without an invasive procedure. The piercer will make a small hole with a dermal punch, insert a dermal anchor, and top it with a decorative dermal top of your choice. You can even purchase dermal piercing tools at PainfulPleasures.

If you are concerned about losing your dermal tops, you can opt for skin anchors (also called skin divers), all-in-one jewelry that connects the anchor and the decorative top. Read our guide on dermal piercings to learn how subdermal piercings are done, how to care for your new dermal piercing, and what types of dermal piercing jewelry can transform your look.