Eyebrow Rings & Piercing Jewelry

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Eyebrow Rings & Piercing Jewelry

Eyebrow Rings

Whether you’re searching for a standard gold eyebrow piercing barbell or some statement eyebrow jewelry for a special event, Painful Pleasures offers a broad selection of affordable and high-end signature eyebrow piercing jewelry styles. Take a crash course on everything to know about eyebrow rings before you set your heart on a specific style.

Types of Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Decide whether you want a simple stud, a swooping hoop ring, or a dermal so you can shop eyebrow jewelry with confidence.

Eyebrow Piercing Hoops

Hoops and captive bead rings make for a stunning eyebrow jewelry option once your piercing has fully healed. Our versatile, sleek hoops and bead rings are extremely smooth and precision manufactured to prevent irritation.

Eyebrow Ring Stud

An eyebrow stud, also called a curved barbell or straight barbell, is a popular eyebrow piercing style for men and women alike. This style features two studs on either end of your piercing, held together by a curved or straight bar. Choose between simple metallic options or order barbells outfitted with jewels and charms.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

You typically place this type of eye jewelry below the corner of the eye. Instead of shopping our wide selection of eyebrow piercing jewelry, you’ll want to explore our catalog of dermal piercing jewelry and surface barbells. Shop eye-catching dermal tops framed with titanium, steel, yellow or white gold to secure into your dermal anchors.

Standard Eyebrow Rings & Eyebrow Piercing Sizes

Understand the standard eyebrow ring sizes so you can wear your new gear right away. Eyebrow rings for guys and girls don’t differ in size: 16g is the most common size for eyebrow rings, but some prefer the thicker 18g or the thinner 14g. Your eyebrow piercing is less likely to migrate out if you have a deeper piercing and use a heavier gauge.

Popular diameters for eyebrow rings are 3/8” and 5/16”, but you can choose a smaller eyebrow ring for a snugger fit. Our collection boasts a wide range of sizes, gauges, and prices, so you can always find the perfect eyebrow piercing jewelry and body jewelry at Painful Pleasures.