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Basic Titanium Straight Barbells

Basic Titanium Straight Barbells - Our titanium straight barbells are made from Grade 23 (implant grade) titanium and are internally-threaded to ensure that your clients have the most comfortable piercing experience possible and that their new piercings heal well. (Shop for externally-threaded titanium straight barbells here, if you prefer that option.) Titanium is an ideal material for starter jewelry, because it's one of the most inert metals and least likely to trigger an allergic reaction in those with sensitive skin. That means our basic titanium straight barbells are the best starter jewelry to have on hand for nipple piercings, tongue piercings, bridge piercings, rhino piercings, male genital piercings, and more. Start shopping now to check out the many combinations of length, gauge and style in which our titanium straight barbells are offered.