Bob Tyrrell Advanced Black and Gray Formula Set — Intenze Tattoo Ink — 6 Bottles

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Intenze Tattoo Ink – Bob Tyrrell 1oz Set – 6 Bottles

Bob Tyrrell is one of the world’s leading black and gray tattoo artists. Bob’s unique style is technically innovative and awe-inspiring and has single-handedly revolutionized the industry and this style of work. Tyrrell and Intenze collaborated to formulate this black and gray pigment series to help provide the tools necessary to reach his level of clarity, realism, value, and contrast. For notes and instructions from Bob Tyrrell, see below.

This listing is for 6 bottles of 1oz colors from the Bob Tyrrell Black & Gray Formula Set. The colors include: Dimension Black, High White, Sculpting Black, Light Tone, Medium Tone, and Dark Tone.

If you are looking for a specific color, shop by Color under the Intenze Ink Category.


  • the Bob Tyrrell Black & Gray Formula Set
  • Size Options: 1oz bottle
  • Price Per 6 Bottle
  • Colors Included in the Set: Dimension Black, High White, Sculpting Black, Light Tone, Medium Tone, and Dark Tone

Intenze Video:

Notes and Instructions from Bob Tyrrell:

Here are some instructions and tips from Bob:

  1. Method 1: Set up a 7 #11 medium sized plastic ink cups and 1 #9 small ink cup for the white. Line up 6 cups together, put 1 cup away from the other 6 cups for the Dimension Black. The next cup is for Sculpting Black, followed by Dark Tone, Medium Tone, Light Tone, and 2 cups for Distilled Water.
  2. Bob only uses Dimension Black for any solid black that he’s doing in a tattoo, whether it is a portrait, custom deamon or another object.
  3. For blending into a shade of gray from the solid black, Bob switches to Sculpting Black, blending that out from the Dimension Black.  From there start with the grays.
  4. Bob doesn’t just dip into one cup at a time, he sometimes dips into two cups at the same time to get a different blend.
  5. Using water is extremely important.
  6. Method 2: Another way to use the ink is to use #16 large plastic ink cups, set out 4 (3 together and 1 away from Dimension black).  The next 3 cups are for Sculpting Black, Medium Tone, and Distilled Water.  Here Bob eliminates Dark Tone and Light tone and achieves the same tones by dipping. Note: This is not recommended for less advanced artists. 

There is no right or wrong way of doing things, there is no magic technique for black and gray work; everyone’s technique is a little different, but everyone is trying to achieve the same results – a rich, smooth black and gray.

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