Blazing Owl Engraved on Solid Plug — 10mm–76mm — Price Per 1

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Material Wood

Engraved Blazing Owl Solid Wood Plug – 10mm up to 76mm – Price Per 1

This Blazing Owl Engraved Solid Wood Plug is a stylish and unique way to dress up your ears.  Choose from five different wood types and plug sizes from 10mm up to 76mm.  This plug is engraved in our Painful Pleasures facility in Hanover, MD. This listing is for one plug, if you would like 2, please check out for 2. If you would like to design your own limitless plug, check out this Solid Wood Design Your Own Plug listing.

Please Note:

As with our other organic jewelry, these plugs may vary slightly from each other in color and size. We do our best to match up the two most similar plugs, but all organic jewelry pieces are somewhat unique because they're made from natural materials.

Organic materials are not meant to be worn in fresh piercings and should not be exposed to water, sunlight, or extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. To care for your wood jewelry, use a damp cloth and then dry. Jojoba oil or tea tree oil may also be used. Do not soak your wood jewelry as it will cause it to swell.

Discounts will not be accepted with this item.

Custom engraved products are made to order in our PainfulPleasures facilities in Hanover, MD and require several steps to ensure satisfaction. Please allow 5–10 business days for production before your item is shipped.


  • Material: Choose Tamarind, Chang, Crocodile Saba, or Jackfruit Wood (see details about each wood type below)
  • Available sizes: 00g – 3” (10mm – 76mm)
  • See below for wearable surface area
  • Engraved in Hanover, MD
  • Price per one Plug

Wearable Surface Length:

Plug Size Range

Approximate Wearable Area 

 10mm to 24mm


26mm to 50mm


51mm to 76mm


Choose Your Wood Type:

  1. Tamarind - This highly prized sapwood has pale yellow to reddish hues with dark purple lines running throughout, so no two are ever alike. (ORG1146)
  2. Chang - This rich wood gives off a vibrant shine as well as a warm red color. Bold lines run through the wood giving it a textured appearance. (ORG1147)
  3. Crocodile - With a light beige color and smooth textured appearance this wood is soft looking and makes clear marks during engraving. (ORG1098)
  4. Saba - Smooth brown color with soft wood grain. (ORG1097)
  5. JackFruit - Bold yellow and brown hues give this wood a bold look. Once engraved, the cut areas appear extremely dark creating a strong contrast. (ORG1096)
Size Table

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Size Reference Chart

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Internal Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g


Internal Thread Pattern

0.8mm or 0.9mm



Externally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the barbell shaft, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the top and/or end.

External Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g, 10g

External Thread Pattern



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