Welcome to Painful Pleasures’ Wholesale Store. Whether you’re a tattoo artist, piercer, shop owner, or other industry professional, our goal is to help you maximize your profits by providing you with high-quality tools, body jewelry and the other products you need at the best prices online. From tattoo tubes to piercing needles, wholesale body jewelry to aftercare products, tattoo flash books to medical supplies and beyond. we have everything you need to run your business at reduced prices that are only available to industry professionals.

What else do we do for our Wholesale Store customers? We offer additional bulk price discounts on many products, like piercing and tattoo needles and basic body jewelry. We also make it easy for you to re-order the supplies you use regularly. We’ll deliver your orders right to your door! Wherever you are, we put the supplies you need at your fingertips and keep them affordable.

If you’re planning on spending $500 or more on supplies, visit our Distributor Store to take advantage of our lowest prices.


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