Tilum 14g - 12g Internally Threaded Titanium 5mm Flat Opal Top - Price Per 1

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SKU derm191-anod
Weight 0.001000
Brand Tilum
Material Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Threading Internal 1.2mm

Illuminate your style with Tilum body jewelry. All Tilum body jewelry is made from top-quality titanium or 14kt gold. Each high-polish, hypoallergenic piece is designed to make your self-expression shine. You'll find Tilum accessories for any piercing and any style.

5mm Flat Opal Tops in 13 Stone Colors & 27 Anodized Titanium Setting Options for 12g or 14g Internally-Threaded Body Jewelry (Price Per 1)

These stunning flat opal tops are available in your choice of 13 opal color options. Each one comes standard with a high-polish titanium setting, but we can anodize the setting to one of 26 other color options for a small fee, if desired.

Each of these flat opal stone tops for 12g or 14g internally-threaded body jewelry measures 5mm across. The titanium base and its internal 1.2mm threaded post are made from a single piece of implant-grade titanium, so these body jewelry tops are crafted in the most secure way possible. Pair these 5mm flat opal tops with your favorite dermal anchor, surface barbell, labret stud, circular barbell, or other 12g or 14g body jewelry with matching internal 1.2mm threading.

These 5mm flat opal stone tops are sold individually (price per 1) and separately from our body jewelry shafts and anchors. They're bagged 10 per color per bag, so if you want to take advantage of our quantity price breaks, please purchase each color in increments of 10. For instance, you can save on 10 blue green opals and 10 fire ruby opals, but not on 5 of each color.


  • Materials: Implant-Grade Titanium & Synthetic Stabilized Opal (man-made in Japan)
  • Opal Top Diameter: 5mm (3/16")
  • Post Length: 2mm (3/32")
  • Threading: Internal 1.2mm
  • Price Per 1 Flat Opal Top Set in Titanium

Details About Our Synthetic, Man-Made Opals:

Synthetic Stabilized Opal
Elements: 80% SiO2.nH2O + 20% Resin
Hardness (Mohs): 4-5
Specific Gravity: 1.80-1.90
Heat Resistance: 130ºC
Rough Opal Thickness: 14-18mm (9/16" - 23/32")
Made in Japan

14g Compatible Jewelry:

14g Stainless Steel Flat Back Labret Post
14g Stainless Steel Rounded Back Labret Post
14g Titanium Labret Post
14g Stainless Steel Straight Barbell
14g Titanium Circular Barbell
14g Stainless Steel Bent Barbell
14g Titanium Dermal Anchor
14g Blackout Straight Barbell
14g Titanium Surface Barbell

12g Compatible Jewelry:

12g Stainless Steel Labret Post
12g Stainless Steel Straight Barbell
12g Stainless Steel Circular Barbell
12g Stainless Steel Bent Barbell
12g Titanium Dermal Anchor
12g Blackout Circular Barbell

10g Compatible Jewelry:

10g Titanium Surface Barbell
10g Titanium Dermal Anchor

8g Compatible Jewelry:

8g Titanium Dermal Anchor

Size Table

Standard Body Jewelry Measurements

The following webchart is a quick reference guide for standard body jewelry measurements and how to measure basic body jewelry. Please print this webchart to help measure your body jewelry accurately.

Size Reference Chart

Visit our PainfulPleasures Infocenter for additional body jewelry information. There, you will find detailed articles on standard body jewelry sizes, how to measure body jewelry, basic body jewelry, and more.

Standard Body Jewelry Threading

Ensure compatibility between standard (non-custom) PainfulPleasures body jewelry parts using the tables below. More information on threading, including custom thread patterns, can be found in our Threading Infocenter article.

Internally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the top and/or end, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the barbell shaft.

Internal Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g


Internal Thread Pattern

0.8mm or 0.9mm



Externally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the barbell shaft, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the top and/or end.

External Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g, 10g

External Thread Pattern



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