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SKU MN1531
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Brand Painful Pleasures
Material Monofilament
18g monofilament bent retainers are comfortable in any piercing were a ring is normally worn. They are especially effective in eyebrows because they make this very visible piercing invisible!
Bent monofilament can be worn in well healed navel piercings, but be sure to get one that is a little long to accomodate bending, stretching and moving. These are wonderful in 18g rooks,daiths, tragus and outer cartilage piercings as well.

These are slightly thinner than the actual gauge (18g) in the center, slightly larger than 16g at the ends. This makes the retainer more comfortable for insertion while retaining the piercing size. They work well in almost any 18g piercing

Taking a picture was difficult as these are completely clear.

INSERTION: We recommend the use of water based lubricant such as KY for insertion. Some might want to use a retainer that is a gauge thinner than the actual piercing to comfortably accommodate the larger end piece.
Size Table

Standard Body Jewelry Measurements

The following webchart is a quick reference guide for standard body jewelry measurements and how to measure basic body jewelry. Please print this webchart to help measure your body jewelry accurately.

Size Reference Chart

Visit our PainfulPleasures Infocenter for additional body jewelry information. There, you will find detailed articles on standard body jewelry sizes, how to measure body jewelry, basic body jewelry, and more.

Standard Body Jewelry Threading

Ensure compatibility between standard (non-custom) PainfulPleasures body jewelry parts using the tables below. More information on threading, including custom thread patterns, can be found in our Threading Infocenter article.

Internally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the top and/or end, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the barbell shaft.

Internal Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g


Internal Thread Pattern

0.8mm or 0.9mm



Externally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the barbell shaft, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the top and/or end.

External Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g, 10g

External Thread Pattern



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