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Select Starbrite Colors Tattoo Ink by Papillon are expired or near expiration. These tattoo inks are new and unopened and can be used for practice. Please see the table featured in the listing for details.
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SKU INK-starbrite_ink_pick_1oz
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Brand Starbrite (Papillon)
Material Pigment

Starbrite Colors Tattoo Ink by Papillon – Pick Your 1oz Color

Starbrite Colors is backed by over two decades of experience and offers bright, bold hues that are a favorite among tattoo artists. These inks are pre-dispersed pure uncut pigments with a thin consistency that helps the ink flow smoothly. Starbrite Colors inks heal incredibly well and stay true to their original colors regardless of time. These inks are sterilized and manufactured in Connecticut, USA with the latest technology and in accordance with current ink regulations. Select from over 40 different colors for a single 1oz. bottle in the drop-down menu above. Please view the image gallery for color reference. Find different size bottles of Starbrite Colors by Papillon under the Starbrite Colors Ink category here.


  • Size: 1oz
  • Color: 40+ color options
  • Pre-dispersed ink with thin, smooth consistency
  • Sterilized and in accordance with current regulations
  • Manufactured in Connecticut, USA by Papillon
  • Price per one 1oz bottle

Expiration Dates:

Ink Color Expiration Date
Alley Cat Black 06/2019
Battleship Grey 06/2019
Black Outline 07/2019
Brite Orange 05/2019
Brite White 12/2020
Bubblegum Pink 01/2019
Buckskin Tan 06/2019
Canary Yellow 11/2019
Country Blue 04/2020
Crimson Red 06/2019
Dark Skin Tone 01/2019
Dead Red 10/2018
Deep Blue 06/2019
Deep Burgundy 06/2019
Deep Green 06/2019
Deep Magenta 02/2020
Deep Purple 06/2019
Deep Turquoise 06/2019
Deep Violet 05/2019
Golden Yellow 06/2019
Grape Ape 06/2019
Hot Pink 01/2019
Hunter Green 10/2018
Lavender 11/2019
Light Red 06/2019
Lime Green 06/2019
Medium Skin Tone 01/2019
Midnight Blue 01/2019
Powder Blue 06/2019
Pumpkin 10/2018
Purple Passion 10/2018
Rain Forest Green 06/2019
Raspberry 11/2019
Royal Blue 06/2019
Scarlet Red 08/2019
Skin Tone 11/2019
Steel Blue 09/2019
Teal 06/2019
Tribal Black 09/2020
True Green 11/2019
Venetian Brown 11/2019
Yellow Ochre 11/2019
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